Get the Refreshing Ambiance with Kashmir Tour

dal-lake best place to visit in kashmirKashmir is an attractive valley set on the knees of the great Himalayan ranges. It is popularly known as the “Paradise on the Earth”.Kashmir is really gifted with incomparable natural beauty; Its enchanting landscape, snow capped mountains, attractive blue valleys and sparking lakes are the attractive natural beauty , colourful gardens especially orchards, scenic landscapes ,cool and chill climate of this wonderful tourist place of India attracts the tourist from whole over the world. Kashmir tourist destination are most preferred for scenery lovers, adventure enthusiasts, family tourists and honeymooners.

gulmarg best place to visit in kashmirKashmir is located in the north-western region of the Indian Subcontinent. Two major mountain ranges, the Great Himalayan Range and the Pir Panjal, surround the landscape from the north and south respectively. They are the starting place of many rivers, which flow down into the valleys. There are various trekking routes available across whole of Kashmir. Adventure sports in the form of water rafting available at various Kashmir tourist destinations. This all facts make the Kashmir one of the most distinguished tourist spots in the world and that will steal the minds of every kind of tourists.

mountaining best place to visit in kashmirKashmir is an ultimate holiday travel destination. Kashmir tour offer destinations like Jammu Zanskar, Gulmarg and Ladakh for trekking outing and Mountaineering they are the major hiking zones of this state. The trekking season normally extends from early June to mid-October. Of course the Phir Panjal, exhausting journey through the great Himalayan range,Karakoram ranges too offer identical pleasure to brave mountaineers and trekkers to enjoy their vacations and summer break.

Trekking best place to visit in kashmirGulmarg offers unbelievable adventure sports for both children and adults. Gulmarg is one of the finest ski choices in Kashmir. It offer thrilling experience of skiing enjoyment .It has the merit of being one of the peak lift served resorts in the world and is also a enormous site for the beginners. Apart from skiing and other adventure sports activities, it also offer lake tours with houseboat journey, fishing and other striking activities to spend a relax holidayin kashmir. Pahalgam tourism offers horse riding, fishing and golfing.
Embark on a Kashmir tour to spend your holiday at the peaceful destination and get the Refreshing ambiance of hills. Kashmir offers you the unrestricted opportunities to have your vacation at its most excellent.

Best places to visit in Kashmir: Famous Gardens and Parks in Kashmir

garden best place to visit in kashmirThe northernmost Indian state Kashmir is really a paradise on earth, Kashmir is really gifted with incomparable natural beauty; surrounded with beauty of the snow-clad mountain , green hills, cool and enjoyable climate and colorful gardens. The delightful land of Kashmir attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world in throughout the year. Two major mountain ranges, the Great Himalayan Range and the Pir Panjal, surround the landscape from the north and south respectively. They are the starting place of many rivers, which flow down into the valleys. There are various trekking routes available across whole of Kashmir. Adventure sports in the form of water rafting available at various tourist locations. The gorgeous valley of Kashmir possesses a number of parks and gardens. The gardens in Kashmir add up amongst the most excellent spots for the tourists. If you go to Kashmir, make sure to include Kashmir garden in your tour. Some of the famous gardens of Kashmir are:

mughal garden best place to visit in kashmirMughal Gardens
The Mughal gardens is one of the best gardens in the Kashmir valley. This garden is located in Srinagar .Kashmir served as the summer retreat for many Mughal Emperors. The marvelous garden that they built is the avowals that rationalize their love for this paradise. The garden consists of a small canal at entrance. The highlights of the garden are fresh water springs, fountains, terrace view and verity of colorful flowers they blossom gracefully all over the year. The garden is a recognition symbol of the royalty of Mughal period. Other attractions of garden are memorial of Shashme Sahiba, beautiful Historical Buildings, decoration of the place etc.

Shalimar-gardens best place to visit in kashmirShalimar Garden
The Royal garden the Shalimar Garden is build by Emperor Jehangir for his wife Nur Jahan . The garden is rectangular in shape and cover 12.4 hectares area. The Shalimar garden offers an wonderful view of the other gardens, lakes. Shalimar Mughal Gardens has four terraces, rising one above the other.

Nishat-Garden best place to visit in kashmirNishat Garden
Nishat garden though smaller than Shalimar, is more impressive than Shalimar.It is believed to be build by queen Nur Jahan’s brother, Asif Khan in 1633 . It is located on the banks of the Dal Lake in the backdrop of the Zabarwan hills. ‘The Nishat Bagh’ is the garden with total 12 terraces representing the 12 different zodiac signs. People love to see the distinction of different modes of zodiac . Nishat is well known for its stately chinar trees, introduce to Kashmir from far-off Persia by the Mughals.

Cheshme-Shahi-garden best place to visit in kashmirChashmashahi Garden
Chashmashahi is also a mughal garden but it is smaller than other gardens.It is build by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1632 AD.This garden covers length and breadth 108 m and 38 m respectively.

Pari Mahal Garden best place to visit in kashmirPari Mahal Garden
Pari Mahal is as much a monument as garden. Located near the Chashmashahi Mughal Garden, Pari Mahal has a attractive and well-planned garden in its front. Dara Shikoh, the eldest son of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan, build this beautiful monument. Pari Mahal is enlighten at night, and can be seen on the spur of a hill, from most spot in Srinagar.

Hotels in Kashmir-Experience a Comfortable Stay in Splendid Paradise

snow hotel best place to visit in kashmirKashmir is referred as a wonderful destination on earth is the most famous tourist spot in India. With snow- clad heap, impressive lakes, lush green forests, glorious waterfalls, sparkling rivers, colorful flowers and a rich cultural heritage, this destination has been referred to as Paradise on Earth. The scenic beauty of nature and attractive locations of this place makes it one of the most visited tourist destinations across the globe. If you wish for experience the paradise on earth then plan a trip to the delightful world of Kashmir. For assuring your comfortable stay, Kashmir is facilitated with a huge number of hotels that provide different range accommodation according to travelers comfort.

house boat best place to visit in kashmirFor welcoming vast number of tourist from worldwide, Kashmir is staffed with a large number of hotels and restaurants. These hotels are different in their facilities, services and charges but one thing that we feel in these hotels is warm hospitality. In Kashmir the hotels are basically classify as deluxe hotels for the upper class people and budgetary hotels for the economic section of people. Based on the tourist comfort and aptness they have an option to choose their suitable hotels in Kashmir. All the hotels in Kashmir offering admirable services, facilities and unforgettable stay in the heavenly land.

Bedroom-Decorat best place ti visit in kashmirKashmir is facilitating with plenty of deluxe hotels all over the city. The luxurious hotels of Kashmir are specially known for their ultramodern range of facilities and beautiful building structure. These hotels are mostly meant for who are not ready to compromise with anything in their luxury and lavish lifestyle. The services offered by these hotels are separate restaurant ,varied cuisine, AC and non AC rooms, internet access ,meeting rooms, conference hall ,business facilities, TV connection in room, direct dial telephone, swimming pool, gymnasium, health club ,mini bar, currency exchange, car rental facility, and other such services.

hotel best place to visit in kashmir
Another kind of hotels available in Kashmir is budgetary hotels. This range of hotels includes various 4 star, 3 star and 2 star hotels. Such type of hotels is generally chosen by people from the economic class and mostly traveler. Although these budgetary hotels are not offered with various deluxe facilities but they don’t compromise with the comfort and hospitality of the tourists.

gurkha-house-boat best place to visit in kashmirThere are ample budget Hotel Cottages, Resorts and Houseboats in Kashmir those are symbolic of modishness and hospitality. These resorts offer an affectionate Kashmiri welcome with all modern consoles and are near to the airport and few minutes away from the cities historic & main tourist attractions. No matter what your budget you are sure to find something that meets your needs and suits your pocket among the hotels, houseboats and resorts in Jammu and Kashmir.

Best Place to Visit in Kashmir: The Attraction of Pahalgam

Pahalgam best place to visit in kashmirPahalgam is a small town in kashmie,is at the intersection of the Aru and Sheshnag Rivers and surrounded by high mountains with snow-capped peaks and dense pine and cedar forests make it oxygen rich.Pahalgah is a charming and thrilling best hill station is the best place to spend a nice vacation. Pahalgham tourism offers the tourist the unspoiled and clandestine beauty of nature, pure and re-vitalizing air , limited telecom connectivity make it an ultimate escape from the crush of daily life and professional stress. Pahalgham is famously known as starting point for the Amaranth Yatra and is the popular destination for many Bollywood films. Get on Pahalgam tourism and be eyewitness to number of wonders of nature.
The most attractive of these is the enormous rising and falling meadow of Baisaran, surrounded by dense pine forest. Pahalgam is related with the Amarnath Yatra because Chandanwari known as starting point for the Amaranth Yatra is located in pahalgam.
Things To Do

horseback_riding best place to visit in kashmirHorseback riding: There are plenty of sports that may catch your eye. If you want to choose an activity in which every family member can participate then you choose Horse riding.Race Horse can be rent directly or through the tourist office. For thrilling, fun and fitness horseback riding is good consideration. You can develop better coordination and balance when you regularly engage in horseback riding.Some use horseback riding to improve the condition and strength of your muscles and to burn some serious calories.

pahalgam-golf-course best place to visit in kashmirGolf : Pahalgam has lots of golf course, which can be enjoyed by tourists. This is a super course for those who like to walk and enjoy nature .Here one can enjoy the spectacular mountain views, wide open spaces and the lush rolling hills.

fishing best place to visit in kashmirFishing : Pahalgam is located on the banks of the Lidder. Lidder River is not only identified for its beautiful sights but also offers numbers of tricks .which is The excellent trout fishing beats for trout. The Lidder River has excellent trout fishing beats for brown trout. The fishing season is on spring and summer . Commonly referred as the ‘Angler’s Paradise’.

boating best place to visit in kashmirTrekking : The edge of Pahalgam offers exciting trekking opportunities. Among them the best known are : Pahalgam – Chandanwari – Sheshnag – Panchtarni – Amarnath Cave Temple – Sonamarg. Equipment is available on hire from Tourism Department.
Climate in Pahalgham is enjoyable in summers and very cold in the winters. Hence the bset time to visit the valley is form March to November. Accommodations in Pahalgham are inexpensive and complement all modern facilities and services. Due to such a attractive features of Pahalgam, You must include this spot in your Kashmir tour package.

Best place to visit in Kashmir: Religious centre for the Hindu devotees

NorthSlopeValley best place to visit in kashmir

The northern Indian state Kashmir is said to be the paradise on the earth.The heaven of earth is surrounded by two major mountain ranges the great Himalayan Range and the Pir Panjal.It offers outstanding natural beauty, attractive landscape,snow_clad Himalaya valleys, dazzling gardens and its fragrant,cool and enjoyable climate. There are various trekking routes available across whole of Kashmir. Adventure sports in the form of water rafting, skiing available at various tourist locations in Kashmir. Thus .Kashmir is one of the most distinguished tourist spots in the world. Kashmir is also renowned as a religious centre for the Hindu devotees. The caves of Amarnath, Vaishno Devi dedicated to Goddess Vaishno are some of the most famous pilgrimage sites of Hindus located in Kashmir.

amarnath cave best place to visit in kashmirAmarnath Caves
Amarnath hill station is the familiar Hindu holy place of Kashmir is to be found in the Valley of Lidder. The caves of Amarnath, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Amarnath cave believed to be 5,000 years old.
There is a legends associated with the cave of Amarnath , is that, Lord Shiva was looking for a place to tell the ‘Amar Katha’ to Goddness ‘Parvathi’, and thus he chosen the Amarnath Cave. One of the best attractions of Kashmir is ‘Amaranth Yatra’ organized by the government of India in sharavan month. The main Amaranth Cave Temple is naturally created of an ice –stalagmite. This Lingam is believed to grow throughout the period from May to August and gradually decreases thereafter. The cave is surrounded by snowy mountains.The amarnath climatic are uncertain. Rain or snowfall may come to pass at any time and any place during journey .sometimes temperature may fall up to minus degree C. Every year, thousands of central police and state police personnel are deployed to provide security to the tourist.

Maa-Vaishno-Devi-best place to visit in kashmirVaishno Devi temple
Veshno devi is one of the most popular pilgrimage center in India which is dedicated to Devi Shakti. Every year millions of devotees visit this cave temple. The temple is located on Trikuta Mountain.The main attractions of the place of pilgrimage are the statue represents the 3 forms of Vaishno Devi, namely Mahakali; Mahasaraswati and Mahalakshmi.The Yatra of Veshno Devi is very hard and people used to reach at the Peak of Trikuta Mountain to seek the blessings from Goddess.

Best Destination to Visit During Srinagar Tour

sonamarg best place to visit in kashmirSrinagar is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir is situated on bank of the river called Jhelum. Where the beauty and purity of the nature is clear on its every corner. This is a wonderful destination which is commonly referred as city of beauty and paradise on earth. Covered with huge meadows, surrounded by rich forest of coniferous trees, delightful lakes spread with richly painted houseboats and shikaras, snow roofed mountains, flowery gardens that creates such an awesome effect on its visitors. Srinagar lies in the Kashmir valley and is famous for the dry fruits and handicrafts. The enjoyable climatic conditions and incredible tourist attractions of Srinagar make the town as one of the most visited destinations of India.

Dal lale best place to visit in kashmirDal Lake
Dal Lake is the main attraction of Srinagar and is popularly known for its houseboats and Shikaras .it is the second largest lake in the state. It has many channels that are well linked with each other. It is an ideal destination for enjoying swimming, kayaking, houseboats, Shikara riding , fishing and water surfing. The bright waters of Dal Lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains and orchards gardens all along its coast, undoubtedly that make the lake most beautiful tourist destination. Houseboats are always ready to take tourists to an idealistic and peaceful ride of the lake and offer some of the most interesting views of the impressive scenery of the Dal Lake.

Mogul Gardens best place to visit in kashmirMogul Gardens
Srinagar is famous for its Mughal gardens. These gardens were made by Mughal Emperor Jehangir in the year 1619 .it is one of the grand places in this city. The Mughal Gardens is combination of three well-known gardens namely the Shalimar Gardens ,Nishat Bagh and Chashm-e-shahi. This garden is constructed in the Mughal style of architecture and design. These gardens are every visitor’s pleasure with beautiful plants, with exciting flowerbeds, terraced lawns and well long stretches of cascading fountains. Its magnificent charm attracts number of travelers from different corners of the world and makes a visit to Srinagar.

sonmarg best place to visit in kashmirSonamarg
Sonamarg situated on the Srinagar-Ladakh Road .It lies in the Kashmir valley namely kolhoi Glacier and Machoi Glacier and the bank of the river Nallah sindh. It lies at an altitude of 2800 metres above sea level. The snow point is far from the place where your vehicle drops you. From there you have to take a horse ride. Amazing views of the Harmukh range overlook at sonamarg and is a suitable place to who enjoy the ice. Sonamarg is a major local attraction during the summer months.